Rear cover type battery

Rear cover type battery of Lumimodule is installed with a high capacity battery.  In the future, there will be other useful function built-in the rear cover type battery.

Quantum dot on Chip LED

QD on Chip LED is packaged by an advanced air-tight packaging method with QD material. The cost of QD on Chip LED of Lumimodule is much lower than that of the QD film of 3M.


A flexible and thin LED light-paper with excellent light uniformity is manufactured by using an advanced semiconductor packaging method.  Lumimodule will cooperate with the major manufacturer in the world.

New battery material

Different from traditional Lithium ion battery, LiBaTiO3 battery of Lumimdoule is high efficiency, safety, and long life.

Lumimodule is established on 2003.  The core technology of Lumimodule is the patented semiconductor packaging method.  This patented semiconductor packaging method is suitable for LED.  Lumimodule will insist on the concept of technological innovation, continuously to develop advanced semiconductor packaging method for the new generation of LED.