Who we are

Lumimodule is established on 2003.  The core technology of Lumimodule is the patented semiconductor packaging method.  This patented semiconductor packaging method is suitable for LED.  Lumimodule will insist on the concept of technological innovation, continuously to develop advanced semiconductor packaging method for the new generation of LED.

Lumimodule manufactures LED modules including Light Bar, Light Board,…etc. by using Flip-Chip packaging technology.

Further, Lumimodule developed QD on Chip patented technology, allowing LED TV to have a wider color gamut.

Lumimodule provides customers the best professional service, and is willing to grow up with customers, suppliers, and employees. Lumimodule will listen to what customers want and need, and shares success with the partners.

Our philosophy

Lumimodule makes effort to energy saving technology, providing people a convenience environment, using advanced packaging technology to provide consumers different high energy efficiency solution, and to provide consumers a mercury-free, non-toxic, and no light-pollution green life.

Company History
  • 2003年-Startup company
  • 2003年-First advanced semiconductor chip package
  • 2005年- Flip-Chip Package
  • 2011年-First Quantum dot on Chip for backlight
  • 2013年-First Light paper
  • 2014年- LiBaTiO3 battery
  • 2016年-Power Bank、Power Battery